Demolition Plant

The Construction Plant Certification Scheme (CPCS) recognises an individual’s skill’s gained through a practical route of experience, training and knowledge.

An operative will be required to undertake a Technical Test in their chosen category of plant. This will consist of two parts:

  • A theory test (which incorporates questions relating to underpinning knowledge, specific category and environment related H&S, and operator’s rights and responsibilities).
  • A practical test of ability

The NDTG currently offer the following assessments

A42 - Crusher

A43 - Screener

D90 A-F - Demolition Plant

D92 A-B - Skidsteer

For all other categories of Plant, please visit where you will find a list of centres able to offer the relevant category of plant.

For D91 Pedestrian Operated Demolition Plant please contact The Drilling & Sawing Association


D90 Demolition plant  categories are broken down as follows.

D90A - Materials processing

D90B - Demolition using plant under 10 tonnes

D90C - Demolition up to 15m

D90D - Demolition up to 30m

D90E - Demolition above 30m (All heights)

D90F - Lifting operations


With the exception of D90F, each category automatically covers you for the categories below. e.g.. With a D90D card you will be covered for A,B,C,D but not for E.

D90F is a totally separate test and will appear as another category on your card. e.g. A card may say D90C, D90F. This means you are covered for A,B,C,F. You are not covered for D or E.


D92 Demolition Skidsteer categories are broken down as follows:

D92A - Extracting

D92B - Demolishing

If you hold D92B you are automatically covered for D92A as well.


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