Notice to Corporate Members No. 1284

11th May 2017


Notice to Corporate Members No. 1284

Re: Renewals for Non NVQ Qualified Cards


The current CCDO card renewal system has been reviewed in consultation with CSCS, following lengthy and detailed negotiations.  I am pleased to advise the following:  -

  1. Existing Industry cards that have been achieved without an NVQ qualification may be renewed up to 2020 with the new CCDO Smart Card. These Cards will not now require the NVQ qualification until 2020, however, a Refresher Course will still need to be undertaken.
  2. The NDTG, in accordance with CSCS guidance will renew the following cards: -
  • Blue -D2B- Topman
  • Gold -D3B -Supervisor
  1. CSCS will continue to review the process and advise any further requirements for card renewal post 2020



Yours faithfully,


Howard Button

Chief Executive Officer

For and on Behalf of the NFDC Limited

May 11, 2017

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