Candidate enjoys CCDO Manager's Course

We recently received the following feedback from Gareth Chester, Health and Safety Manger at Total Controlled Demolition Limited:

"I’ve recently finished my CCDO managers course with you. I’d like to thank you (Duncan Rudall) for delivering the course in the way you did. It was a very engaging course with information coming from all in the room, it really had the feel of an open forum where people could asked and offer advice.


I think the course came along at the right time in my career and the section of the course where we bought presentations fuelled my passion for demolition.    


You were willing to entertain me on many occasions after the course had finished to offer advice and guidance, you even gave me some professional contacts that I have since used.


I just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know as we often don’t get thanks for a job well done. You’re a good trainer and demolition professional. You have set a personal bench-mark for where I would like to be in the years to come (not to many I hope)."

May 3, 2017

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