Safe Use of CAT & Genny

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Half day

Aimed At

The course has been developed and designed to assist any operative working in or around ground working activities, such as Banksman, Site Engineers, Site Foreman and Site Managers.


To teach candidates to use Cable Avoidance Tool and Signal Generator in an accurate and safe manner. This will be achieved by both theory and practical sessions giving operatives the knowledge, understanding, and skill to be able to use and maintain, safely and accurately, radio-electronic underground service location equipment, and have an understanding of the correct method of acquiring service drawings. 

Subjects Covered


This will cover the following the topics.

  1. Why we use a detector
  2. Check that detector and generator is working correctly
  3. Types of underground services and their associated dangers
  4. HSG 47 and a safe system of work
  5. Plans and their sources and limitations
  6. The detector and its controls
  7. The batteries and associated problems
  8. Power mode, how the machine picks up signals
  9. Reasons why the machine will not find a service in Power Mode
  10. Search patterns
  11. The use of Sensitivity
  12. .How the machine must be held
  13. Radio Mode
  14. Generator Mode
  15. The signal generator and its controls
    1. Connected Mode
    2. Induction Mode
  16. The Depth Button*
  17. Accessories

All the above are covered in a question and answer style to allow the trainer to assess the understanding of the trainees.


  1. Allow the trainees to search an area to try and find some services making sure the trainees succeed in accurately finding services in power mode. (The trainer will ensure that no one is developing any bad habits — swinging, walking in curves and poor use of sensitivity).
  2. Having made sure all trainees have 'had a go' then show the correct technique and pinpoint service.
  3. Make sure everyone is standing above the service and show both techniques for direction of services. Discuss the merits of each technique
  4. Show the effect of walking along a service
  5. Search again in Radio and Generator modes.
  6. Signal generator
    1. Show how to use in induced mode
    2. Show how to use in Connected mode
  7. Use of the Depth button *
  8. Show the effect of moving the generator/ (Null Technique)
  9. Show connected mode allow trainees to connect to a services and show potential problems
  10. Show use of clamp (as appropriate)
  11. Show use of Sonde (as appropriate
  12. Trainees to connect to a separate service.


  1. Multiple signal and accuracy issues
  2. Depth measurement
  3. Fences, crash barriers, reinforcing in concrete.
  4. Swinging detectors
  5. Technique for following lines
  6. Use of Clamp *
  7. Use of Sonde*
  8. Use of Mains Signal Injector *

( * as appropriate to their industry/requirements)

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