Fit Test Operator Training - Qualitative

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1 day

Aimed At

Those who are involved in the Qualitative Fit Testing process of personnel


To equip users with the skills and knowledge to be able to undertake qualitative fit testing

Subjects Covered

Regulations and Guidance

The Purpose and Applicability of Fit Testing

Procedures for Selection of Adequate and Suitable RPE

Fit Factors and Protection Factors

Examination Procedures for RPE

RPE Training

Correct Donning Procedures and Pre-Use Fit Checks

Fit Test Procedures and Purpose of the Fit Test Exercises

Capabilities and Limitations of the Fit Test Equipment Set up and Diagnostic checks


Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Fit Test Failures

How to Plan and Manage Face Fit Testing Programme

Interpretation of Fit Test Reports

Data Handling and Storage

Questions / Summary

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